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5 Star Reviews

Good Morning America
Simple, Yet very effective. Great kitchen product!

– Good Morning America

Excellent product that's very effective and easy to use!

– Amazon

The Kitchn
Innovative Kitchen Gadget for Defrosting Food.

– The Kitchn

Home Shopping Network
Unique invention that solves a everyday household problem!

– Home Shopping Network

Fox News
Clever idea that really works great. Its a winner!

– Fox News

OMG! This is the greatest little gadget ever!!

– Facebook

Special Thaw Claw Offer

How to thaw chicken quickly? How to defrost beef quickly? How to thaw meat quickly? Best way thaw meat? The answer: THAW CLAW 

Thaw Claw is a innovative device that thaws meat fast, safe and easy. Its a 100% safer 
alternative to the not so safe microwave. Now you can safely speed up the process of thawing
frozen food using this underwater device. No more ruining food and taking dangerous
bacteria chances using the microwave or by sitting it out all day. 

It's Easy to Use. Simply attach the plastic Thaw Claw to your sink using its strong
suction cup, Fill the sink with water, Then put the frozen food under the arms of the claw.
Your frozen food will be thawed 7 X Faster & 100% Safe. 

Now you can safely thaw all of your favorite meats in under 20 minutes.



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