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How did we come up with the idea for this product?

We came up with Thaw Claw to solve an everyday household problem. We all have the same struggles when it comes to thawing frozen food both quick and safe. I tried all of the random tricks to keep my package of food submerged in water but non of them worked.

What makes our product special?

Most people don’t think about thawing as a dangerous food preparation step. The food is still cold, frozen, so what could go wrong? Thawing is truly a critical point in food preparation. During this process, time and temperature should be controlled for the safety of foods. If done wrong, you could become seriously ill. Foods should never be thawed in the microwave or on the counter. They must not be left at room temperature more than two hours.There is no other product that can solve this thawing problem.

Where is it manufactured?

We are proud to be a US startup company. We choose to make a great product here in the USA verses a cheap gadget from China. Our product is made, assembled and shipped from Douglasville, Georgia.

What has been the best part of our startup experience?

So far this has been a great journey. We have received so much great feedback from people who love using the Thaw Claw. It saves them hours per day and makes life easier in the kitchen. We have spoken to people from all walks of life who all say that it is a great idea.




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How to thaw chicken quickly? How to defrost beef quickly? How to thaw meat quickly? Best way thaw meat? The answer: THAW CLAW 

Thaw Claw is a innovative device that thaws meat fast, safe and easy. Its a 100% safer 
alternative to the not so safe microwave. Now you can safely speed up the process of thawing
frozen food using this underwater device. No more ruining food and taking dangerous
bacteria chances using the microwave or by sitting it out all day. 

It's Easy to Use. Simply attach the plastic Thaw Claw to your sink using its strong
suction cup, Fill the sink with water, Then put the frozen food under the arms of the claw.
Your frozen food will be thawed 7 X Faster & 100% Safe. 

Now you can safely thaw all of your favorite meats in under 20 minutes.



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