Thaw Claw


Do you believe you have super power skills for Social Media Marketing?! Are you Looking for the right opportunity to prove those skills?
Are you Driven to become apart of a Million Dollar start up team?
Lucky us, we've been searching for you!


We're a small startup innovative product company in the mist of our biggest growth spurt.
We're looking for the right intern to grow with our fast growing company.

We've launched a unique one of a kind kitchen product to the market in 2015.
The response for the product has been overwhelming and awesome but we are in need and looking for the right social media power ball to join our diverse & creative team.

Please check out our company's product page at

Recently on : Good morning America, Shark Tank your life, HSN, Fox News

You'll need:

Degree/ Currently in College for related skills
Abilities to manage and grow product social pages current 20k + in social media
Creative skills
Passion for the product
Positive outlook

Email us at:

Tell us your story

This is an academic internship ONLY. However, with strong future opportunity for a PAID position after review.










How to thaw chicken quickly? How to defrost beef quickly? How to thaw meat quickly? Best way thaw meat? The answer: THAW CLAW 

Thaw Claw is a innovative device that thaws meat fast, safe and easy. Its a 100% safer 
alternative to the not so safe microwave. Now you can safely speed up the process of thawing
frozen food using this underwater device. No more ruining food and taking dangerous
bacteria chances using the microwave or by sitting it out all day. 

It's Easy to Use. Simply attach the plastic Thaw Claw to your sink using its strong
suction cup, Fill the sink with water, Then put the frozen food under the arms of the claw.
Your frozen food will be thawed 7 X Faster & 100% Safe. 

Now you can safely thaw all of your favorite meats in under 20 minutes.



All orders have a 60 day money back guarantee.

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